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  • What You Need to Know About Legally Separating Before Divorce

    Many of our clients ask us if legally separating before divorce will impact their settlement. In this blog, we answer this question and tell you what you need to know about legal separation before divorce. What Is Legal Separation? A legal separation is a court order that dictates the rights and responsibilities of married spouses who have decided they want to live separate lives. While all other ...
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  • Do I Need an Attorney for a Cooperative Divorce?

    Divorce is never an easy decision for couples to make, but is oftentimes necessary when spouses can no longer make a marriage work. That said, there are ways to make this emotional process a little easier for all parties involved. Cooperative divorce is one such option. While mediation requires more trust between spouses, cooperative divorce still creates a far less contentious environment than ...
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  • How to Protect Your Personal Property in a Divorce

    Wisconsin is among one of the nine states in the country that embraces community property law in a divorce. This form of property division is intended to make separation as equal as possible, helping spouses receive their fair share of property acquired during marriage. Unfortunately, divorce is rarely straightforward, particularly if one spouse attempts to divide assets that are your personal ...
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  • How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

    Social media has become part of our daily lives. Through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, we are able to communicate and interact with one another, stay updated on current events, and share our day-to-day lives instantaneously. Some people even use social media to vent frustrations or look for advice. In a divorce case, however, social media activity can be used ...
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  • Can I Appeal My Case?

    When the courts have to make decisions as a part of your divorce through the litigation process, there is always the chance of error. Whether it’s a simple human error, a biased judge, or any other factor that may have contributed to an undesirable or unfair outcome, you do still have an option: appealing your decision and having it reviewed by a higher court. Here is some helpful information ...
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