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  • Family Law: Mediation vs. Litigation

    Divorce can be a long, stressful, and expensive process. Not every divorce needs to go to court to be settled, however. If you and your spouse are on civil terms with each other, you may desire to take a different route from litigation . Mediation may be a solution to make your divorce easier. The Benefits of Mediation in a Divorce Litigation and mediation both have their benefits, and the method ...
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  • The Benefits of Using Mediation & Arbitration for Your Divorce

    Even if a person is confident that they want to end their marriage, they still might hesitate to file for divorce simply due to the trouble that surrounds the process. Once amicable couples can get into heated arguments and courtroom battles. A divorce that was supposed to be over in a few months can drag out longer than a year. Perhaps worst of all, court costs and attorney fees can climb higher ...
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