Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • 4 Simple Ways to Survive Your Workday During Divorce

    Wading through the emotional turmoil that is divorce can be stressful. On one hand, the prospect of starting fresh at life can be exciting. On the other hand, the uncertainty of your family’s future and the loss of a lifetime companion can be debilitating. Somedays, it might be difficult to get out of bed or be productive at work. As Madison divorce lawyers , we have worked with many clients who ...
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  • How to Tell Your Kids You're Getting Divorced

    Think of all the stress, frustration, fear and sadness you have likely felt leading up to the decision to divorce. Most people are overwhelmed with emotion during this time. As a parent, you offer your children stability; they look at you and your partner for guidance about the world. Divorce means change for your family and your children need your help understanding what this change means for ...
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