Blog Posts in July, 2017

  • How Child Support is Calculated in Wisconsin

    Child support payments can be a hotly contested issue in any divorce case. In Wisconsin, there is a standard formula used to determine the amount of child support that should be paid. Child support is intended to cover the basic expenses of having a child, such as food, clothing, housing, utilities, transportation, personal care, and health insurance. How Much Child Support Will I Pay? The amount ...
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  • Family Law: Mediation vs. Litigation

    Divorce can be a long, stressful, and expensive process. Not every divorce needs to go to court to be settled, however. If you and your spouse are on civil terms with each other, you may desire to take a different route from litigation . Mediation may be a solution to make your divorce easier. The Benefits of Mediation in a Divorce Litigation and mediation both have their benefits, and the method ...
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