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  • What is Legal Custody in Wisconsin?

    Parents in divorce or separation situations often face confusion over these two terms. In Wisconsin, legal custody refers to a parent’s right to make major decisions concerning their children. By Wisconsin statute, major decisions include “consent to marry, consent to enter military service, consent to obtain a motor vehicle operator’s license, authorization for nonemergency health care and choice ...
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  • What You Need to Know About Getting a Restraining Order

    A restraining order , also known as a protective order, is an enforceable court document which orders someone not to harm you, to stay away from you, move out of the house, have no contact with you, or stop harassing you. Although most of these orders are used to protect abused spouses and exes from their abusers, they may be used to keep stalkers away as well. How to Obtain a Restraining Order in ...
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  • Emergency Custody Orders: What You Need to Know

    There are many circumstances that may justify an emergency change in custody of a child. An emergency custody order is generally used to help a parent or other guardian remove a child from a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation. The court can be petitioned to allow another party to take custody of the child for their protection. Here’s what you should know about emergency custody orders. ...
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  • Modify Child Custody in Time for Summer Break

    While most families are preparing for vacations and outings this summer, divorced and separated parents also have the added task of planning out their child custody arrangements. Making plans for your child custody or visitation schedule over summer break can be complicated even under the best circumstances, so it’s important to plan ahead to make the process as simple as possible. If you need to ...
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  • How Child Support is Calculated in Wisconsin

    Whether you are seeking payments or worried about your obligation to pay, both parents are responsible for providing child support in Wisconsin. A court can order one or both parents to pay child support that is either necessary or reasonable. In most cases, the parent with less than 50% of physical custody is the one who has to make the payment. Since the parent with majority custody is already ...
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  • Father's Rights

    Unmarried fathers in Wisconsin are not entitled to parental rights until they establish paternity and have an enforceable court order in place. Even if the father's name is on the birth certificate, this does not automatically provide the father with rights. Unmarried mothers, however, do inherently have the right to raise and control custody of the child. Fathers who have legally established ...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody

    A heated child custody battle can and probably will stir up quite a lot of questions about the legalities, regulations, and the process in general. Unless you are working with a family lawyer, the answers can be relatively difficult to find. In order to make things easier on you, Balisle Family Law Legal Counsel, S.C. and our Madison child custody attorneys have compiled a useful list of child ...
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