The Benefits of Using Mediation & Arbitration for Your Divorce

Even if a person is confident that they want to end their marriage, they still might hesitate to file for divorce simply due to the trouble that surrounds the process. Once amicable couples can get into heated arguments and courtroom battles. A divorce that was supposed to be over in a few months can drag out longer than a year. Perhaps worst of all, court costs and attorney fees can climb higher than expected.

Luckily, if you need to file for divorce, you do not need to necessarily prepare yourself for the same traditional procedure. Using alternative dispute resolutions – sometimes called ADR – you can minimize the negative impacts a divorce can have on your life. In particular, mediation and arbitration can be useful.

The three main benefits of mediation or arbitration methods of divorce are:

  • Time: Mediation and arbitration operate on the groundwork ideals of cooperation and collaboration. If both spouses do not enter the process with a notion of working together to get through the divorce easily, it will not work at all. But when it does, the result can be a divorce that concludes in a month or two.
  • Money: The longer a legal procedure carries on, the more money it will cost, whether it be family law related or not. Each time the court gives its attention to a case, it needs to get paid. Attorneys for non-personal injury claims also tend to charge by the hour, so a divorce that drags out can cost more money in this regard as well. Since mediation and arbitration tend to make divorces conclude sooner, it also means they tend to keep the cost of it all noticeably lower.
  • Energy: Deciding to work together in your divorce through mediation or arbitration creates a subconscious feeling of peace and understanding. You may find that you are less likely to get upset when your spouse disagrees with one of your propositions, and vice versa. This reduction in frustration translates to less energy spent at the end of each day. Furthermore, your children will appreciate the cooperation and feel less stress themselves.

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