Do I Need an Attorney for a Cooperative Divorce?

Divorce is never an easy decision for couples to make, but is oftentimes necessary when spouses can no longer make a marriage work. That said, there are ways to make this emotional process a little easier for all parties involved. Cooperative divorce is one such option. While mediation requires more trust between spouses, cooperative divorce still creates a far less contentious environment than divorce litigation, allowing both spouses to communicate effectively and with respect.

Despite the fact that an attorney will not be representing you in a court setting, having an attorney on your side during the cooperative divorce process is still important. He or she will be able to protect your interests and assist you in working toward an appropriate settlement. An attorney with experience in navigating this type of divorce will be invaluable to you since he or she will know how to come up with creative solutions based on his or her knowledge of the law.

What Are the Benefits of Cooperative Divorce?

Spouses have plenty of options that will all yield the same result, so how do you know which is right for you? The first step in deciding if a cooperative divorce is appropriate is by understanding the benefits you stand to gain from it. Some of the benefits of cooperative divorce include:

  • Your attorneys will work together: In divorce litigation, attorneys are working against each other, but in a cooperative divorce, they commit their efforts toward working together. The better they are able to do this, the better the outcome for their respective clients.
  • It helps resolve conflict: Since you are getting a divorce, chances are there is a fair amount of conflict lingering. Through this process, you will likely be able to resolve some or all of those conflicts. If you have children, this is a major plus since you will have to continue to co-parent even after the marriage is officially over.
  • Unnecessary costs are reduced: Divorce can cost a lot of money when the case goes through litigation. Instead of having to subject yourself to the schedule of the court, which can prolong your case, resulting in higher costs, choose a cooperative divorce to save some money. With a cooperative divorce, many of these costs are reduced or eliminated since you will be able to avoid the court system.
  • It will get finalized quickly: As mentioned above, litigation takes time, so bypassing it is in the best interests of both you and your spouse. After all, no one wants the divorce experience to last any longer than is necessary, so why not do what you can to speed it up while increasing your chances of achieving a settlement that is mutually agreeable to both parties?

Cooperative Divorce Attorneys in Madison

If you and your spouse decided to move forward with a divorce, but would like to avoid having to go through the litigation process, the Madison family law attorneys at Balisle Family Law Legal Counsel, S.C. practice cooperative divorce. Our attorneys are skilled helping spouses navigate this process with civility to reduce both the financial and emotional costs of divorce.

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