Grandparent Visitation Rights

Grandparent Visitation Rights in Madison

Do Grandparents Have Legal Rights in Wisconsin?

Our Madison grandparent's rights attorneys at Balisle Family Law Legal Counsel, S.C. understand how special the relationship between children and their grandparents can be, while also recognizing the rights parents have to make decisions in their children’s best interest, including not seeing a grandparent. We understand this complex and ever-changing area of the law and can help advise you on how to protect these important relationships.

Can Grandparents Sue for Visitation in Wisconsin?

Under limited circumstances, grandparents or other third parties have a right to petition the court for reasonable visitation rights with respect to a child.

There may be times when the parent of the child believes this request should be denied. Whether a parent or grandparent, at this point, you may want to consider consulting with an attorney from our firm to take legal action.

We help grandparents to request, negotiate or petition for visitation or other legal rights. We also help parents defend against those requests, whether through negotiating a visitation that works for everyone or through defending against a petition in court.

Our Madison grandparent's rights lawyers have substantial experience handling a wide range of grandparent’s rights cases in trial and appellate courts as well as working with legislators to improve statutes that affect grandparents. There are a number of different approaches we can take, depending on the unique circumstances. We take the time to understand exactly what you hope to achieve and work towards obtaining a positive result for you.