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  • What Can I Do if I Paid Too Much Child Support?

    Child support payments can help the custodial parent support the children in their care, but it isn’t uncommon for a paying parent to have overpaid their child support obligations. If you have paid more than you are obligated to, you are entitled to receive the money back or find another option to recoup your losses. Here’s what you should know about overpaid child support. The Right Amount of ...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody

    A heated child custody battle can and probably will stir up quite a lot of questions about the legalities, regulations, and the process in general. Unless you are working with a family lawyer, the answers can be relatively difficult to find. In order to make things easier on you, Balisle Family Law Legal Counsel, S.C. and our Madison child custody attorneys have compiled a useful list of child ...
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