What Happens to Child Support When a Child Becomes an Adult in Wisconsin?

child supportIn the state of Wisconsin, parents are obligated to financially support a child until his or her 18th birthday. This obligation may be extended to the age of 19 if the child is still in high school and in pursuit of a high school diploma. Children do not always simply age out of support automatically, however, and sometimes parents are contacted by the Child Support Agency to terminate their support. Ultimately, it is up to the parents to make sure that child support ends at the appropriate time, even if you are not notified by the Child Support Agency.

If you do end up continuing to pay child support past his or her 18th birthday, it is possible for you to recoup what you may have overpaid by filing a motion to request a repayment from the circuit court. This takes time and may end up costing you, so it is best to pay attention to your case and make sure that you do not miss the termination date.

In cases where parents have more than one child to support, it is best to seek modification of child support prior to the 18th birthday or high school graduation. You will have to calculate your prospective child support, which should be based on current financial circumstances. That means, if your income has experienced a notable increase, recalculation of your support may actually increase despite paying support for fewer children.

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